Pomegranate Consulting specializes in bringing scalable solutions to underserved communities in food, housing, healthcare, energy and education.

We identify components critical to the success of sustainable, replicable and scalable projects including weaving the collaborative efforts of cross-sector actors.

We select projects most likely to represent best-in-class examples of thematic and/or regional issues.

We are uniquely positioned to help your business, project or nonprofit position itself into the growing world of sustainability.





Our team has a wealth of varied experiences to help your business, project, or nonprofit get off the ground, expand, or reinvent.  Among our specialties are:

  • Implementation and growth strategy,

  • business development,

  • marketing and sales strategy,

  • operational support systems,

  • technology and IP solutions, and

  • connecting you with stakeholders across the full spectrum of capital markets.

It rained last night. The pomegranates,
Red and orange-red,
Have all burst open into flower.
— Sin Hum (1566-1628)